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Monday, February 19, 2018


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The Deadly Canoe Races

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Category: The Community

And the race is on FWC in the lead with 2, CCSO just came in with 1. You should see there numbers. The parking lot was full, so like 30 of them rat bastards  parked on the grass. Orders must have come in from the top, this is what we trained all year for, put all your men on it! Call the Cost Guard and let them know about the situation down here. Just in; CCSO up 1 by 5, FWC 4.

The Deadly Canoe Races A yearly event. All manner of debauchery while sun, fun and rum are had. Brake! Brake! 3 P.O.B.S in the water, jet ski flipped over near caxambus pass! Screamed the VHF On Ch.16.  Lights, 2 short blast of the sirens. Then nothing but throttle!!! 3 big Mercurys and the coast guard was off! ETA from factory bay to the south end of island, 4 min's. wow! now that is fast...  wishing I had my Camera up when They came out the Canal, Fore it was text book perfection and a site to behold. I wonder it they would let me drive one of there RROCI RIB'S ( Remote Rescue Operation Center and Interception Rigid Inflatable Boat).  

ICW Naples to isles of Capri, Marker 48, Abandon vessel! Boston Whaler, Newer,  Said the bored and over zealous sea tow guy on the VHF.  And i think they mite  be peeing in the mangroves, the boat is tied to a log.  cheesssit!   Now by this time the coast guard was all over it.  CCSO Responded to it immediately  as I saw them blow past me heading that way.           This is the U.S. Coast Guard ST.Peartersberg, Florida, What is the Nature of your distress? Over! Squawked the radio As the repeater Echoed.  Sea tow Keyed the mic: I don't know Anything at this time, But it is tied up!  chssssit!  As He let off the mic for a second, CCSO Is on Seen. They mite be in the trees and if they are, they should be able to hear us out here! Or they mite have climbed aboard a another boat! I don't think we need search and rescue. I don't think someone fell off the boat. chssssssssssit!  This is the U.S. Coast guard St. Petersburg, That was a good copy on all Sea tow, Please stand by Chanel one six captain, This is the U.S. Coast Guard St. Petersburg Florida, Out!  chsssssit!  AS the radio fell dead i was laughing   loudly and all I could think is why did he make that call? Someone is in trouble over that one! And may be feeling a little stupid now! Realizing what he has done and said.

The canoe races bring all sorts, Left over hippies. New combers and even some that wish they had not come. The drunkards are there and the pill Junkies, which are a special breed all there own.  This Malay of madness that ascends upon keewaydin  Island Every year. You would think they would change the day and or the place to screw with the local law enforcement. 


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