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Monday, February 19, 2018


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Talkin' Trash

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Category: The Community

Living on the water has many challanges and many mirrors of our community that land lubbers don't see.  Picking up trash is a must despite the inconvience.  I personally have picked up a plastic chair, artificial tree and what seems like hundreds of plastic bottles. I'm annoyed when I see trash float past the boat and have to get in the dingy and get it because I've taught my child to pick it up no matter what.  But am blessed to have a marina (Rose Marina, Marco Island, FL) that recycles and is tolerant of my "trash picking".  
When storms arise this is the time when I find the most trash.  Plastic water bottles....if I had a dime for everyone I picked up I wouldn't need two jobs.  I could say that I pick up one per day (one day none, one day four).  Our world has fed into the convience of plastic.  I get it!  I have a four year old who is "thirsty" or I'm in a bloody hurry and grab a plastic "spring" water at the gas station.  I'm guilty; trust me!  
I have been reading articles lately about the plastic bottle generation.  We are all part of it; really!  
They (water companies) won't stop putting it in plastic.  The government won't stop Americans from using and abusing plastic so....  The hard fact is that people have to realize that we can't keep up the pace.  Our kids will have a country filled with land fills full of plastic.  
Pick up the trash you pass on your walks.  Pick up the trash in your yard.  Use a reusable cup instead of disposable.  If you smoke, which I do, pick up a butt and throw it away even if it's not yours.  Remember that the earth itself is not recyclable.  I want my children to have grass and trees.  Don't you?


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