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Monday, February 19, 2018


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Man at sea passed by a Princess

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Category: The Community

You may or may not recongnize the name of Adrian Vasquez.  He isn't the athlete or hundreds of other men with his name on Facebook.  He's the 18 year old man that survived 28 days adrift at sea in a ten foot boat.  (Below is a map of his adventure.)
He and two of his friends left for an overnight fishing excursion on February 24th of this year to make a little extra money.  They never imagined they wouldn't make it home.  The sad fact is only Adrian returned to his family.  Vasquez survived the ordeal by drinking rain water and getting coconuts out of the water.  I imagine a lot of prayers too.
Princess Cruise Lines is under investigation for not rescuing the three men from their adrift vessel.  Three bird watchers spotted the men waving a red sweater and an orange life vest, looking...begging for help.  Jeff Gilligan, from Oregon, first spotted them.  Another one of the birdwatchers, Meredith, tried to no avail to get to the bridge to alert the captain and was stopped.  She continued on to a customer service rep and reported the adrift fishing boat.  She could see that nothing was being done so she returned back to her cabin and sent an email to the Coast Guard and her son in hopes someone would follow up and look for the men.
Princess Cruise Lines is saying that the captain and the crew on watch was never notified.  They have expressed sorrow for the losses but insist that if the captain had seen them they would have changed course and rescued them.  Princess Cruise Lines has been involved in thirty or so rescues in the last ten years.  
My question is why didn't the customer service rep follow through.  And honestly if it had been me I would have made such a scene that someone would have heard me.  Human life was at stake.  II can't imagine watching the fishing vessel vanish out of site and doing nothing more than report it to a customer service rep.  It just doesn't seem like enough.  
The dilema is that it has all happened and you can't change the past.  So what now?  A lawsuit by Vasquez against the cruise line and an international interest in the story for now.  I'm not sure you can place any one person at blame but time will tell.
The investigation continues.  Watch the website for all the updates.  TW



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