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Monday, February 19, 2018


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Category: The Community



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 Never have I felt so Disconnected from Our President, Political Parties, and Our Government than I do now! And so many other feel the same way. We are given no real choice of Candidate. I ask where is our Candidate? The real American's Candidate, Of the People, For the People, and Truly By the People. If your Political Party Is Independent or No Party. This only servers to further Alienate These Individuals and take less and less of the population to have say and vote. Oh but wait! If we all stood up and refused to vote, What do you think They would do? I have a good Idea of what they would do. The Electoral Colleges would still cast their votes for President and that would be that! Proving once and for all MY VOTE, YOUR VOTE, OUR VOTES Never even mattered. Case in point: Obama's running for second term! I having just gotten off work and was on my way to go vote. I was listening to the radio and they announced the results of the election and Obama Won! Wait a Sec.... The polls here don't close, for over two more hours?!?

 It stopped Me Dead In My Tracks!!!!!!! In utter disbelief, I was dumbfounded. How could this Be? As I pondered about it now I am Hurt, I feel Betrayed, Lied to, and Anger! As I realized My Vote... Ho shit! YOUR VOTE, NONE OF OUR VOTES MEAN OR COUNT FOR SHIT! The point was Made Blatantly Crystal Clear To Me And Anyone Else Paying Attention. It seems to Me the only Votes that really matter are our local and state levels and even state level can be debated about!

As we see it may be very secure and looked after, the fact remains that OUR VOTES still don't count. It is a rouse ! Everyone is looking at the right hand while the left hand is controlling the illusion! It is the oldest trick in the book! Hay look at that-> =}:-{)  http://www.winknews.com/2016/10/19/swfl-elections-officials-take-steps-to-prevent-voter-fraud/

 So back to the Present Day. We have Two Candidates. First off we have Hillary R. Clinton. Ladies first gentlemen! and only for that reason! Hillary has some scary ideas! A Exit Tax!!!?? Ok? sooooo.... we are Communist America Now? Less we have learned the lessons of the past not so long ago In Communist East Germany! They Had A Exit Tax! This is scary and creepy! Holding one's citizens, Businesses Small and Large, Ransom From Leaving the Country Is what Happened In Communist East Germany After The 2nd World War. WW2. Can you imagine Showing up for a trip to the Bahamas only to find out you can not leave this country without paying your Exit Tax, You know just in case you decide not to come back. You Have to Pay for your own Ransom! Some may accept it and shrug it off as just one more announce and/or inconvenience, pay it and be on there way. And while still others a much larger group can still go on the trip, but find themselves in a position that they can not spend anything there in the Bahamas at all without going into Debt if not further in debt due to the Exit Tax. And that Leaves the Largest group of U.S. Left, Being Held Against Our Will for Ransom. No hope!

 Second We have Donald Trump. Lets face it america is big business! weather we like it or not this much is true and fact! And as much as it Pains me to say this, this to is fact. Donald Trump is a damn good and shrewd (some mite even say rude) businessman. That being said. We also know what we will get from him. More jobs overseas and less pay for the ones that stay. And we know his opinion on the matter as he shrugs his shoulders. Nothing Personal, Just Business! He is a Liar and Can Not Be Trusted in this aspect. 

I am refusing to cast my vote! who is with me? 


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