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Two days ago 12/06/2012 what looked like a naval vessel came in the Marco pass and in to Factory Bay, upon further inspection I found it to be a FWC  "The Orion" hailing port; Key Wets, FL. This what looks to be a twin diesel, Gray in color with Florida Wild Life Commission, State Police, and even NOAA markings looks like a sport fisher convert"com"s and nave station most could only dream of", You name it! Satellite, GPS, chartploter, VHF, UHF 70cm, 2m, shortwave, SSB, Radar, Lights, Sirens, trap or net puller, nets, tinted windows,and even a sticker form NOAA. So the Gods only know what is under that ship for equipment? Forward looking under water imaging? You can order that from west marine, that is pricey! This all is nice toys.

To day a FWC 20ish something t-top go fast boat came in to Rose Marina, "While my family and i were at the dingy dock"; the two aboard climbed out and on to the ship moored in slip Orion. Over joyed and eagerly they speed to the cockpit hatch/bulkhead door as one reaches for the first quarter turn lever as to gain entry and finds him self with not knowing how to open it, enters the older one of the two FWC Rangers he has white to grey hair and with out flinching he sees what the rooky missed. Grabs the door makes a few movements, rewwwit! the door swing open and they disrepair in side!


Serching google I came up with the FWC's web site page on the Orion:




The past few months close to 6 I have herd ramblings of the bay and dropping anchor near Marco was coming up oily, very uncommon for this area. Is this a sign of what is to come? According t the FWC web site 2 years ago they were on a mission to track the oil spill. Lots of us here rely on the fish in one way or anther.this is not just are food is is are water

Word through the ranks must be travinling  fast as the two that boarded Orion today! were not part of orions crew! "Random inspection"? "safty check"? of one of there own? I think not. lol.

well in any event they were in there a good 15-20 min.

Up Date: Well the new year is here now and nothing happend the world did not blow up! lol

 Jan.3rd Orion went out for the day and came back! ????

Jan.4th Orion Left and has not returned!

Sorry all the banners will be gone off are site until Google gets its act to gather, I have asked them (Google) and tired to remove the racist, slander, & bigotry of romney and his banners from my self to no avail, We at Pirates Lore Trading Post do not support or condone him and /or this type of activity!  Thank you for supporting your local businesses, Pirates lore trading post, And a Free America, Free from the powers of rich selfish Men! TY, Capt. Jay  

We hope You enjoy the old site while we make changes to the new one! See you soon!

The storm has come and gone! Not much to see lots of wind and rain.  All 4 ships at anchor are still there with little to no damage.  I still say I will never own roller furling 2 ships were in a lot of trouble in the storm from sails unrolling, one tender broke louse and that was about the extent of damage that I know of in this bay so far.

Abandon ship or abandon all hope!!! Was forced to set anchor and go to land... First time on land over night in 3 years... I tried every marina i could, find, no, no & sorry was all i got!!! Am sad & worried about my ship... May the gods of the sea be kind to thee, the wind, the rain, the lighting, to the gods i ask of thee, to not bolw, dround, or strike thee, tarquin, so mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be, blessed be!


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